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Headache Physical Therapy & Treatment Boulder

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Headaches have a multitude of causes resulting in over activity of pain-sensitive structures in your head or neck. In Physical Therapy we look for mechanical, postural and ergonomic causes of the headaches. An evaluation of the muscles, joints, ligaments, nerves, and fascia of the head, neck and thoracic area often reveals reasons for head, jaw, and neck pain.


We will work closely with your referring provider (MD, DO, chiro, NP, or PA) to provide a team approach to your treatment. Based upon your evaluation by one of the physical therapist specializing in headaches, you and your PT will develop a treatment plan. You will have appointments for PT and you will learn home exercises. During the appointments you can expect to be treated with soft tissue mobilization (massage), joint mobilization, postural reeducation, and manual cervical traction. You may also be treated with laser, ultrasound, dry needling, electrical stimulation, ice or heat if those modalities are needed.

headache therapy Boulder


Types of headaches treated by PT: