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Balance and Vestibular Rehabilitation


Balance Vestibular Therapy BoulderDizziness is one of the most common patient complaints. Symptoms may include lightheadedness, spinning, floating or unsteadiness. These symptoms may last from seconds to hours. There are many sources of these symptoms including medications, or cardiovascular, neurological, anxiety, and vestibular disorders. It is important to have an evaluation by a physician to determine the exact source of your symptoms. Many times, the source is the vestibular system. If this is the case, North Boulder Physical Therapy, LLC has physical therapists who specialize in evaluating and treating these symptoms.


The vestibular system normally detects head motion and position to aid in maintaining balance and visual stability. When there is a problem with this system, one may avoid movement to prevent provoking symptoms. A person may also have difficulty completing daily or leisure activities, experience imbalance and walking difficulties, and may become deconditioned and/or fall and sustain injuries.


Once a vestibular diagnosis has been made, patients may be referred to physical therapy for vestibular rehabilitation. Patients are evaluated by physical therapists that are specially trained in treating vestibular disorders. Patients are evaluated for physical performance with encountered environments and fall risk.


An exercise program is then designed to address balance, dizziness, and overall fitness. Patient education is stressed to facilitate patient understanding. Physical therapists maintain communication with the physician to ensure complete care of the patient.


Disorders resulting in dizziness and/or imbalance include:


Balance Therapy consists of: